Beer Styles talk

Earlier this week I was asked by Dave Hasler to host a night for ex-Round Tablers on beer styles. The night would consist of 8-10 beer styles and Dave would bring a cheese board, thought it to be a group of about 9 which turned out to be 12. The beers were mainly bottle from my beer shop, Brewtique, with some cask and a keg offer.

I wanted the evening to be a journey of taste as well as an introduction into the varying styles of beers available. During the talk I also wanted to be able to talk on the history of brewing styles, the funny stories in brewing and where the industry has come from. With that in mind I started with Samuel Smiths Organic Pale Ale, it is really traditional with a rich amber colour and a heavier malt than most expect, but it is where the style that pale ale started at. From there I introduced Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, from a can, to show the New World style and also to talk about canning in the beer industry and it’s positives on the quality of our liquids.

We got a bit darker from there and went to Figs & Syrup from First Chop Brewing Arm on keg. This was to talk about kegging and also small beers and the rise in popularity of low ABV beers. Another jump over the ocean to Rogue American Amber to get a bigger hop count and lead the talk into yeasts. Belgium next with Saison Dupont, for the style and the sharpening of the palette ready for the Lambics which we had Lindemans Cuvee Rene first and then Hanssens Oudbeitje with the cheese board. The lambics caused quite a lot of discussion and definitely split the pack!

We then opened some Red Mist from Storm which Dave had brought in. A good ruby bitter to warm the mouths after the dry lambics. We moved on to Smoked Porter from Fell Brewery on cask next which was hugely smoky and a hearty drink. The dryness of porter really helped prepare the palettes for the Daily Grind coffee stout from Rooie Dop in the Netherlands which seemed to be really well received. The finish the night, we had Burning Sky’s Devils Rest IPA on cask. This wonderful 7% IPA allowed be to talk about the history of IPA and completed the circle of beers.

A great night that was well received. We had 11 beers in total, just 1/3 or 1/4 of a pint of each, but a cracking amount of flavour. Great company too and I look forward to doing another.

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